general regulations for the accommodation of pets


Basic general rules governing the accommodation of customers accompanied by pets at the Hotel LE VINTAGE in order to make their stay as pleasant as possible while respecting the comfort of other customers staying at the hotel.
We accept only one pet per room. Only cats and dogs up to 8 kg are allowed with their blanket, cage or necessary. Birds, reptiles or any other animal are strictly prohibited.
We charge €20 room cleaning fee for stays per night. The owner of the animal must imperatively maintain it in appropriate hygienic and sanitary conditions. The owner is responsible for damage caused by his pet, whether to people or furniture. The amount of damage caused during the stay will be charged at the end of the stay.The Hotel LE VINTAGE reserves the right not to accept pets disturbing other customers or having inappropriate behavior during the stay. The client must be responsible at all times for his pet and its behavior. Dogs of breeds considered PPP will be required to wear a muzzle when walking around the hotel and when one of our workers enters their room and the dog is inside. Dogs of breeds considered as PPP can only be accommodated in our establishment with the owner registered on the corresponding PPP license which must be presented at the time of registration. Under no circumstances will your pet be able to relieve itself within the hotel facilities. Don't forget to pick up your pet's stool in its places. To enter or leave the hotel facilities, you must always keep your pet on a short leash .Your pet may not be left alone in the room at any time, in order to avoid any barking or crying that may cause inconvenience to other guests staying there, as well as any damage to the furniture in the room. Please do not place your pets on beds, chairs and sofas.
When the animal is not in the room, please inform the hotel staff in order to clean it. It is strictly forbidden to wash pets in the baths or showers of the room and to use the towels to dry them.
Before booking, please let us know that you are traveling with a pet. Remember to return a signed copy of this document signifying your agreement to these terms.
Thank you for agreeing to respect these rules and we wish you a good and pleasant stay in our hotel.