Our commitment to sustainable development



In a world increasingly aware of its impact on the environment,

we try to participate in the preservation of our resources on a daily basis.

This, of course, requires compliance with waste sorting by all members.

of our team, through training and communication as well as through

coherent policy of controlling and saving water consumption and

in energy.

Help us in our ecological approach!

Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room,

turn off the water when brushing your teeth

or wash your hands.

Thank you for the planet!


Water savings

- Our accommodation only uses water-efficient toilets (e.g. low-flow and/or dual-flush toilets)

- Our accommodation only uses water efficient showers (smart showers, low flow showerheads)

- Customers have the option of reusing towels

- Customers can choose or not the daily cleaning service

Waste reduction

- The accommodation has a food waste policy in place which includes food waste education and prevention, reduction, recycling and disposal

- Recycling bins are available to customers and waste is recycled

Nature protection

- A choice of vegetarian food is offered

- Wild animals (not domesticated) are not in captivity, or consumed or sold within the perimeter of the accommodation

- Green spaces such as rooftop gardens are present

- At least 80% of the food provided by the accommodation is organic

- Accommodation does not use single-use plastic

- Single-use plastic straws are not offered

- Single-use plastic stirrers are not offered

- Single-use plastic cutlery and crockery are not offered

- Single-use plastic water bottles are not offered

- Single-use plastic soda bottles are not offered

- Single-use plastic cups are not available

- Single-use plastic shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles are replaced with a bulk dispenser.

Reduction of energy and greenhouse gases

- All windows are double glazed

- At least 80% of the food comes from the region

- At least 80% of the lighting in the accommodation uses energy efficient LED bulbs

- The accommodation is powered by 100% renewable energy

- Accommodation offsets at least 10% of total annual carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon offsets

Support for the local community

- The property offers tours and activities organized by local guides and local businesses

- The accommodation reinvests a percentage of its income in community or sustainable development projects

The property provides guests with information on local ecosystems, heritage and culture

- Local artists are offered a platform to showcase their talents